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How to stay motivated during the summer break ☀️

Staying motivated during the summer is crucial for personal growth and academic success. Check out these tips to help you stay on track while still enjoying your summer break and get ready for the next academic year.

Set goals

Looking for ways to stay motivated this summer? Setting achievable goals can be one of the most effective strategies. By establishing clear objectives, you’ll find the motivation to work towards something meaningful and experience a sense of accomplishment.

Consider setting goals such as learning a new language, acquiring a new skill, or reading a new book. Having these clear goals will help you stay focused and driven throughout the summer months. For this summer, I plan to read 10 books. What are your goals?


Reading challenge books

Create a schedule

Finding the balance between work and relaxation is crucial. This is especially true during the summer months when we all want to make the most of the season.

One way to achieve this balance is by establishing a structured routine. Allocating time for your studies, hobbies and relaxation can help you stay organised and ensure you have plenty of time to enjoy the summer. Therefore, take the time to organise your schedule to make the most of your summer and accomplish your goals.

Utilise online resources

Platforms like Kortext provide access to a wide range of academic materials to help you keep your studies accessible and engaging. Online resources enable you to learn according to your schedule. Kortext can be accessed here. Why not take advantage of online resources to help you enhance your skills this summer?

Student example of Kortext tools


Find a study group

Studying during the summer months can feel like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Finding a study group or a partner can make the whole experience much more enjoyable.

Collaborative learning not only allows you to share ideas, but it also helps with staying on track and being accountable. By setting up regular study sessions and academic goals with peers, you can find the motivation needed to stay focused.

Fortunately, there are platforms like Kortext that provide collaboration features and the ability to create study groups, making it easier to keep all your ideas in one place. With this kind of support, studying can become a much more engaging and rewarding experience.


Rest is crucial for our overall well-being. It’s easy to overwork ourselves and neglect our physical and mental well-being. Therefore, it is essential to prioritise regular exercise, healthy eating and taking regular breaks.

Adequate rest is important, so be sure to listen to your body and give yourself the time you need to recharge. So don’t feel pressured to relax and enjoy your time but do try to make it a priority.


Staying motivated during the summer can be challenging however by following these tips, you can make the most of your summer break while also preparing yourself for the upcoming academic year.

Setting clear goals, creating a structured schedule, finding a study group, and utilising online resources will help you be motivated during the summer. With the right mindset and a schedule, you can ensure that your summer will be both enjoyable and productive. Another idea to consider is taking on a summer job. Read this blog here to discover the great benefits of this.

This blog has been written by Maysoun, Kortext Student Ambassador at Middlesex University and reviewed by our team.




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