Enhanced content discovery on the Kortext Arcturus platform

Kortext’s latest product update revealed some exciting features to improve the student, librarian and academic user experience. Today, we’re taking a look at how content discovery has changed on the Kortext Arcturus platform, offering new ways to discover and, indeed, re-discover, valuable learning content.

Explore your bookshelf, the Kortext library and Collections

Our brand-new platform navigation means materials are now categorised, making it easier to find what you’re looking for. Once you’ve selected the Library tab, you’ll find some new areas and features to explore that make content discovery a breeze:

Content discovery through: My library

The area you all know and love – ‘My library’ is your personalised, digital bookshelf showing all the books you’ve either had provisioned to you or that you’ve borrowed / added to your own bookshelf.

Content discovery on the Kortext bookshelf

Content discovery through: Kortext library

A way to browse the Kortext inventory at your institution for supplementary materials. Search, filter and borrow any books that your institution has made available through our platform, and they’ll instantly appear on your bookshelf in ‘My library’.

This area also comes with two new handy features – ‘Recently Viewed’ and ‘Trending Now’, so users can easily revisit any learning content they’ve viewed in the last 30 days, or discover a real-time view of the top four titles being read by others at their institution. Pretty neat!

Content discovery through Recently Viewed feature

Content discovery through Trending Now feature

Content discovery through: Collections

If enabled at your institution, this area allows you to search any curated collections of free-to-read learning content, such as the Kortext Open Resources Collection (KORC) which offers institutions access to 10,000+ Open Access publications and Open Educational Resources.

Head to the Kortext Arcturus platform now to explore the new areas for yourself.

Partner with Kortext

If you’re a librarian, academic or university leader looking to enhance teaching and learning by improving content access and discovery at your institution, talk to us today to find out how the Kortext Arcturus platform will meet your needs and more.

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