An Audience with… Mike Raith and Neil Dixon

Navigating higher education can be a daunting task for institutions and their students; yet two people who aren’t phased by this are Mike Raith and Neil Dixon, who are both making waves in this area.

We were fortunate enough to catch up with both Mike and Neil to discuss teaching and learning and their best practices.

Neil Dixon, a Learning Technologist at Anglia Ruskin University, is conducting an active evaluation of the usage of eTextbooks in teaching and learning.

During our conversation, Neil delves into the evaluation process and shares some of his current findings.

Although they are not working together, Neil’s findings complement the work of Mike Raith, a senior lecturer and module leader at Anglia Ruskin University, London (ARUL) – the sister university to Anglia Ruskin University.

During our conversation, Mike explained how, with Kortext’s analytics data, he’s able to view and understand the demographic of the students at ARUL and therefore use this to shape the way that the students learn, fuelling the digital transformation of their courses.

Within this short video, Mike explores best practice, sharing how he uses digital content on a daily basis  in the courses he leads, catering to all the needs of his students Mike also gives an insight into how he uses analytics to track the progress of his students.

Without delaying you further, here is An Audience with… Mike Raith and Neil Dixon.


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