BETT 2017 - Considerations on the event
by Roberta Nicora

BETT took over the Excel Centre, London between the 25th and 28th of January 2017, with exhibitions that really did ‘up’ the game from last year and created a village of EdTech. Kortext were proud to be a partner of Samsung ideally located beside the main arena (superb for watching the inspiring keynote of Sir Ken Robinson). He was incredible to have witnessed live - thanks BETT (makes a change from the TED talk)! We’ve been reflecting on the experiences, conversations, opportunities and knowledge that this massive 4 day event created.

BETT 2017 - Considerations on the event

One of the key benefits of the event has to be connecting with passionate practitioners, innovative companies and organisations in one creative space. By doing so the EdTech sector continues to gain momentum and more importantly generates new innovations and opportunities through shared reflections and dialogue. Those ideas I am sure will power the next year of road maps for several companies and possibly even create a company or two...

Tech to watch out for over the next year:

  • Personalised Learning Environments - the slow shift from cohort resources to personalised learning resources and spaces continue to evolve and become more impacting on individual learning experiences.

  • Virtual Reality - this area is exploding and the potential is incredible as development of learning experiences and simulations through them allow explicit learning to occur and create applied learning situations or authentic assessments.

  • Mobile Learning - in essence the tools that are allowing learning to occur far more flexibly than traditional on campus learning experiences, with the ability of portfolios and assessment platforms to demonstrate and visually represent learning and mastery.

In addition: interactive learning experiences, immersive learning experiences, creative applied learning experiences (e.g. micro-bit) and some of the more specific learning environments/tools that now support learners were pretty awesome too.

Conversations were everywhere and were in that tone, the tone when people are exploring, evaluating, considering and even those where people discovered just the solution they were looking for! From our perspective Kortext, the UK's leading digital learning platform, made many great connections, enjoying all our conversations. The BETT community is a wonderful one and we look forward to enjoying it again in other countries and back in London for BETT 2018.

BETT 2017 - Considerations on the event



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