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Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP), in computer science, refers to a programming paradigm aiming to increase modularity by permitting the separation of cross-cutting concerns. This separation process is done without modifying the code but by specifying which part of the code is modified through the use of a pointcut specification. This method permits to add to programs, behaviours that are not the main part of the business logic.

As well as this, AOP is at the base of aspect-oriented software development.

AOP has developed due to the growth of the object orientation object, where a unique concern can be modularized in a unit that can be a class, procedure and function.

AOP antecedents are A1 and A2 which are reflection and metaobject protocols, subject-oriented programming and adaptive programming. The concept of AOP has been created by Gregor Kiczales who with his colleagues at Xerox PARC has developed also the AspectJ AOP extension to Java.

The major applications of AOP are the Microsoft Transaction Server and the Enterprise JavaBeans.

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