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Download the New Kortext Bookshelf App for Windows Now!

Download onto your PC / laptop or Surface Pro using the link below:

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If you are using an older Windows operating system (Windows 8 and lower), please install this version of Kortext.

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Kortext’s new reading app for Windows. See how easy it is to download and get started with our digital learning platform!

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My Bookshelf

Navigate & Search

Discover how to use the search function on your bookshelf and the user-friendly navigation smart tool to start exploring your e-textbook.

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Study Tools

Highlight, Bookmark & Notes

Study smarter with Kortext! Highlight, add bookmark & create notes to your e-textbooks on the Kortext Windows App.

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Study Tools

Freehand notes and much more!

With the new Kortext Windows app, you can now easily make custom freehand notes and highlights within your e-textbooks.

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Smart tools

Accessibility and Read aloud

Find out more about our accessibility tools and how our read aloud feature can provide a unique learning experience.

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Smart tools

Take Photo

Find out how to create a notebook and take a photo with the Kortext Windows app.


What is Kortext?

Kortext is a leading digital textbook platform. It offers you online and offline reading solutions for 24/7 access to your etextbooks on any device. Kortext has developed a set of digital tools that permit you to have a personalised learning and study smarter, through the organisation and sharing of research and notes in a completely new way!

What devices can I use?

You can access Kortext using a PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

Click here for our Kortext Apps System Requirements document.

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