Platform Updates


2017-02-12 : Web

Web Release (PDF)

Highlights include changes to: how users access the Kortext Store, PDF reader view, accessibility.

2016-09-16 : Analytics

Analytics (PDF)

New time data point and breakdown of key usage by platform.

2016-08-13 : Analytics

Analytics (PDF)

Enhancements to support even greater analysis of engagement.

2016-08-11 : Desk Copies

Desk Copies (PDF)

Electronic desk copies for adopters to retain in perpetuity.

2016-05-03 : Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 (PDF)

Single Sign On and integrations to improve user productivity.

2016-02-10 : RefMe

RefMe (PDF)

Quickly create and export references in popular referencing styles.

2015-08-26 : Multi Review Copies

Multi Review Copies (PDF)

Faster distribution of electronic inspection copies.


2016-12-16 : iOS 0.84.51

Performance enhancements and bug fixes including fixes for:

  • An issue users had when selecting text in PDF files on a 3D touch device.
  • Links within PDF files (to external sources or figure/chapter links) can now be selected

2016-10-04 : iOS 0.83.48

  • Optimised for iOS 10
  • New UI for a consistent user experience across all Kortext platforms
  • Fixed an issue some users were having with multiple downloads
  • General UI and performance enhancements


2017-02-14 : Android 0.8.344

Users are now able to fully sync notes and highlights between the Android app and the online reader. Notes made on the Android app will appear in the online reader, and notes made in the online reader will appear in the Android app.

Click here for more details.

2016-12-12 : Android 0.8.335

Users can now perform the following tasks in the Android app:

  • Multitasking: read one title while downloading another
  • Multiple Downloads: no need to download titles one at a time – you can now download all your titles simultaneously

2016-11-25 : Android 0.8.333

Feature and UI enhancements

  • Filters and sorting added to the annotations list for speedy access to and better organisation of your annotations.
  • Search – get your results faster! Now optimised to allow access to search results as they become available rather than waiting for search to complete. Search results are retained to make it easier to continue your search.
  • Read in comfort. An additional background colour theme added to support readers who need alternatives to default displays.

Other performance and improvement fixes.

2016-09-01 Android 0.8.315

Updated UI and other enhancements.

Click here for details


2016-10-07 : Windows 1.3.4

  • User interface improvements.
  • Improved Touch experience for the reader view.
  • Improved panning control for PDF.
  • Other bug fixes and miscellaneous improvements.

2016-09-28 : Windows 1.3.3

Bookmarks made by some users in the app not syncing to the web.
Fixed: Date in annotations sidebar was cut off.

2016-09-26 : Windows 1.3.2

Performance enhancements and other bug fixes.

2016-09-09 : Windows 1.3.1

Selected highlight colour was not always being applied.
Other small UI refinements and performance enhancements.

2016-09-09 : Windows 1.3.0

Windows 1.3.0 (PDF)

Updated UI and other enhancements.

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