Kortexts’ Commitment to Accessibility

In learning, as in life – inclusive and accessible environments allow everyone to engage fully in experiences.

For a global etextbooks platform like Kortext, it is essential that we create such an inclusive and accessible learning environment to ensure we optimise the experience for all. With our partner universities, expert organisations in accessibility (e.g. JISC, RNIB and DAISY) alongside specialist consultants, we have been working hard to achieve parity of experience for all our learners, globally. We believe everyone using Kortext should have the best experience and that every learner should be advantaged by our personalised learning platform (although this will be an iterative process of constant enhancement). Kortext users largely utilise our apps for offline access and has therefore been a key priority in improving our accessibility.

What are Accessibility Standards and why are they so important?

There are a variety of standards (e.g. WCAG 2.0, Section 508 and DAISY) which websites and apps can be evaluated against, with the intention of removing barriers to using the technology for as many users as possible.

PDF-48Download the Kortext Accessibility Self-Review

Accessibility Features that Kortext utilises:

  • Convert text-to-speech with Read Aloud;
  • Change font and size to suit the users’ needs and present text in books and on platform;
  • Line spacing, margin width and text justification to help differing reading needs and those with poor eyesight;
  • Change the background colour, text colour or night mode to enhance the overall reading experience;
  • Page numbers in margin for ease of navigation;
  • Kortext provides alternative text for images and keyboard only input for select functionality.

In addition Kortext can integrate with accessibility services such as Read Write Gold, Natural Reader, ClaraRead etc. Some features may vary from publication to publication, with the best accessibility features appearing on ePubs.

Finally, Kortext have been honourably mentioned by Jisc into a recent blog post about accessible organisations for responding to feedback and trying hard to make improvements to its digital learning platform.

If you have accessibility needs, and have know of something which could improve your experience, just fill out this quick form.

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