New Kortext / Jisc Agreement - widening access to eTextbooks for your students and faculty

Kortext, working in partnership with Jisc and the leading textbook publishers are helping university libraries across the UK create bespoke eTextbook collections in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible. Below you will find more information on how we can help you initiate eTextbook provision for your university while maintaining control through the library.


Libraries, faculties and students are under more pressure than ever. Covid-19 has driven a swift shift to a more blended learning environment and students need to be able to study anytime, anywhere, whilst connecting to their colleagues and their academics. Kortext enables academics to leverage the essential learning resources they use and structure the content around their course. Students have a single bookshelf to utilise for all their modules of study and access anytime, anywhere on any device. This “High Quality Online Learning Environment” is as the recent WONKE/Pearson study illustrated, the most important thing in meeting student expectations this autumn.

Best value to optimise your budget

Kortext has worked with Jisc to pool sector spend to drive the best pricing from any supplier, for access to this essential content. We can work to your budget and build effective teaching and learning support programmes with you across faculty.

Simply put, we have the widest range of publisher content in the market. We have all the textbook content from over 3,500 publishers as well as their monographs and other lists, enabling a single source to cover all the digital subject matter your academics and students need.

In addition, as the largest supplier of digital textbooks, we are able to provide the most competitive pricing available in the UK by working directly with all the major publishers including Elsevier, Pearson, OUP, McGraw Hill, Cengage. Importantly as the lead supplier under the SUPC all England framework, libraries can directly contract with Kortext (or leverage the standardised Jisc agreement) with no requirement to tender but knowing you are delivering best value for your university.

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Simple setup

Library discovery / MARC records

Access through the Library Once requirements have been finalised we will send you MARC records for your library to enable discovery and access through the library. Students can also discover content through their bookshelf.


Access through the VLEWe’ll install our blocks into your university VLE. This way the students can link from the VLE at the course or module level, directly to the relevant content at either the book, chapter or page level as determined by their lecturers. In addition, valuable student engagement data can be delivered to the faculty enabling better support for student success.

Set up is simple and is down to each university, depending on your unique requirements. We can enable access to this essential course content either through the VLE and / or through the library.

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Flexible access models

Kortext Complete

For universities and faculties wanting to provide broad online access to all adopted textbooks for a single price, with added support and detailed engagement analytics to help drive progression, retention and success.

Kortext Personalised

For universities who have a requirement to provide specific titles to students on a specific course.

Kortext Access

For universities looking to enable multi-concurrent access to content either library selected or student selected via Patron Driven Acquisition plans. (Please note, not all publishers offer this access for textbooks). In addition students are able to purchase content for themselves directly should they wish to do so.

Why Kortext?

Kortext is the UK’s leading supplier of eTextbook and learning content solutions for universities around the world. We are used in over 80 countries and run all key eTextbook projects across the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Our success comes from 5 key attributes:

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Cutting edge, cloud architect content and learning platform, built in partnership with universities, that support both content distribution and student and faculty use of eTextbooks to improve the student experience and enrich teaching and learning.


Over 100 dedicated professionals with literally hundreds of years of experience in education technology, digital content and teaching and learning. We run all the key eTextbook provisions across Europe, the Middle East and Africa and have gained extensive knowledge in working with universities and publishers in support of teaching and learning and student retention and progression.


We simply will not be beaten on price! As the largest provider of digital textbooks we are able to get the best terms from publishers to ensure that your university budgets are optimised, whichever model you prefer.


We are dedicated to improving student outcomes. We work with libraries, faculty and individual academics, with a passion for improving the student learning experience, enhancing progression and retention and helping students achieve the best they can.


We pride ourselves on our enduring, sector wide partnerships. This means partnering with universities to focus on outcomes; with publishers to offer the largest catalogue of digital learning materials through the most flexible models, through to our sector wide partners such as Microsoft where we work actively in the field of data learning analytics with the application of artificial intelligence to support student progression.

Why the Kortext Platform?

The Kortext platform is different. It’s a cutting edge, cloud architected system that gives every student their own unique bookshelf and connects them to their content, to each other and to their academics. The platform hosts over 1m eTextbooks and allied learning materials such as video, from over 3,000 academic publishers. It facilitates seamless connection from your university’s VLE, reading list or library catalogue, through to the required textbooks along with associated video, assessment and courseware platforms.

The platform incorporates a world class, student learning analytics solution that actively supports student retention, progression and success and we have partnered with Microsoft to build scalability, security and performance.

Kortext is the only platform that enables students to connect from Kortext directly to other key library content platforms and bring content into one unified view for the student. This unique ability truly drives significant efficiencies and improvement in the student learning experience. Connectivity between students, their academics and their content for collaborative learning comes to life through Kortext.

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